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Photos From Six Great Shows in 2002

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St. Andrew's Hall
Detroit, MI
July 11, 2002

Hockeytown Cafe
Detroit, MI
July 29, 2002

The Intersection
Grand Rapids, MI
August 10, 2002

Falls Lounge
August 16, 2002

Arts, Beats and Eats
Pontiac, MI
August 30, 2002
Note: (05/06/06) None of these photos were originally posted on the 2002 GrinderFan page
I was very far from the stage and there were many people's heads obstructing my shots.
For a long time, I thought none of the pictures from that night were salvageable, but upon recent rediscovery,
I decided that there were some that could be shared. Please forvive the quality, and enjoy the spirit of the show.

Streeters Ground Zero
Traverse City, MI
September 13, 2002

Darren, McCarty, Billy Reedy, Eli Ruhf, James B Anders, Jim Anders, Eric Miller, Bill Kozy, Chris Wujek, Joe Schmoe, Paul Lamb, Rachel May, NovaDriver, Walk on Water, Speedball, Gunhack, Happy Death Men, Tanjent Image, Broadzilla, tap-dancing militant islamic fundamentalists, Detroit, Wing, Hockeytown, Step Outside, Gotta Keep Movin, No Fun, Wouldn't Wanna be You, Movin On, Bring Me Down, All That I Want, Neat Neat Neat, So Cold, Outta Our Heads, Affliction, Sham, New Way Out,
Believing in Detroit, Cancer Foundation, MCF, Craig McCarty, Vladimir Konstantinov, Sergei Mnatsakanov, Red, Wings, Grinder, Detroit, rock, punk, music, pop, hard, heavy, tough, Motor City, hockey, 25, grind line, John Wharton, photos, pictures, pics, links, CD, Royal Oak Music Theatre,
Machine Shop, Flint, Streeters, Ground Zero, Traverse City, Falls Lounge, Dearborn, Intersection, Grand Rapids, Hockeytown Cafe, St Andrew's Hall, Captains Cove, Saginaw, Jackson, Motorhead, Michigan Center, NHL, 2K5, Mount Clemens, Marquette, Upfront & Company,
Emerald Theater, Walkers Speakeasy, Woodys Diner, Michigan, Satisfied Frog, Sault Ste Marie, Billy's Lounge, Woodward Dream Cruise, Blarney Stone Pub, Berkley, Broken Barrel, Windsor, Fifth Avenue, Amherstberg, Uncle Vito's, Masonic Temple, London, Ontario, Call the Office,
Summer Meltdown, Muskegon Community College, Rhythm Kitchen, Arts Beats and Eats, Pontiac, Lager House, Out of our Heads, Under My Skin, Sham, New Way Out, So Cold, Another Day, Affliction, Broken, Nothing Left, Grinderettes, Barnstormers, Whitmore Lake, Altered Skin Revolution, Hayloft Liquor Stand, Bay City Bike Bash, Bay City, Rock and Roll Olympics